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                     PTTPA is a website for current & former ranked WTA & ATP Pro Tour Tennis Professionals players.

           We are creating a network to help players and create opportunities in developing and building your businesses!            

                                     It's FREE To join:   Please provide your info for 

                                                                    1) as a COACH (picture, location, contact) 

                                                                    2) your BUSINESS (name/picture, info, location, contact)

                                                                    3) STAY CONNECTED! (email/contact)

                                         Please email information to:  Paula Smith at psmith@pttpa.com

      We are reaching out to all WTA & ATP tennis pros to join, so please forward website information to players you know!

                                  We plan to grow into an Association with member benefits. 


                                                                                   U S Open for 2018 

​    ​                      Novak wins 2018 U S Open! Sock/Bryan Doubles             Osaka wins 2018 U S Open! Barty/Coco Doubles!

​                                                                                                                     ​​


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    ATTENTION: We have now added a SPECIAL OFFERS page where Members can offer products at a discount to members.

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