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1) Job posting;
National Scouting Report has been helping high school athletes receive US college athletic scholarships for 37 years.  NSR has positions currently available for the position of Tennis Scout.  This position scouts high school age tennis players and determines their suitability for participating in the different divisions of college tennis.  The scout works with the athletes and college coaches to find a good fit academically and athletically.  Positions are available in Florida, New York/New England, Southern California and Northern California, Chicago/Midwest and Washington/Oregon area.
Please contact Tim Wilkison if you are interested.  Email; twilkison@nsr-inc.com. 

*** ​Our programs hire coaches & add to what they are already doing. Our goal is to grow the game and feed our players into local quality programs.  We will market you in your community and encourage our players to book private lessons with you.  We also provide the equipment for these classes and handle all admin so that you just have to show up to teach.

 Coaching & Tennis Jobs Available

Tennis Coaching Jobs Available 

2) Job Posting
National Scouting Report
has successfully helped high school athletes receive US college athletic scholarships for 37 years. NSR is starting an international expansion  process.  NSR is looking for Licensees/partners to work with them to provide NSR's services to athletes in various parts of the world.  The Licensee would need strong business experience with deep contacts within the athletic systems of their respective areas. 
NSR has locations available for partnerships in;
Europe - Middle East - South Africa - South America
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Tim Wilkison.  Email; twilkison@nsr-inc.com

Laura Bernstein Kassirer

Former WTA Pro